Why Choose 3G Sales?

Many families or individuals find themselves in a time of transition when it’s time to let go of a lifetime of belongings in order to make room for a new stage of life. We at Three Generations Sales are a family, so we understand the sensitivity of this time. We are a small company that only does one sale a month- for you that’s a GREAT thing! Here’s why…

  • Free Initial Consultation: We’ll come to you!
  • We set up and manage the ENTIRE SALE completely from beginning to final donation.
  • We’re 100% Open about all we do: it’s your stuff so you should know all that goes on
  • Onsite advocate to care for your home and your belongings throughout the sale.
  • Individualized Attention the entire time we work with your family
  • Your sale is our only priority
  • Easy to contact and rapid responses
  • Maximize advertising through every possible avenue to generate a great turnout!
  • Maximize profit to meet your goals.
  • We deeply care about the success of your sale, and work hard to ensure a great outcome!

We do not have an auction house or a store front, so we work very hard to do everything we can to sell as much as we can and make you the most profit that we can. It’s in both ours and your best interest for us to do so. All items left from the sale are donated to a Arms of Hope or the Salvation Army with a tax deductible receipt in your name provided, if you choose to do so. These are your belongings, so we take direction from you. We also seek to donate certain items to the best charities suited for them. For example, we might take stuffed animals to the child advocacy center. Items that are not suitable for donation are taken away by us; you do not have to worry about it!

We know that there are many other companies for you to choose from, but we sure hope you’ll choose us. We love what we do and we promise to provide honest, respectful, and successful sales to all of our clients- just one at a time!.


Kathy, Kris, and Victoria and Family